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Rum Spirits

The kindergarten where my little girl goes has this deal where you need to do three hours of work there a term, and the Minister for War and Finance always signs me up to the mowing of the yard there, which entails whipper snipping, mowing and blowing out afterwards. Now normally this wouldn’t really be an issue, but last week, I had to do my yard, a list of odd jobs and then spent the next  3 and a half hours mowing the lawn at the kindy.

The point of all this though is to set the scene for how badly I wanted a nice cold drink in the pool, after the list was completed….of course.

The problem is that when we moved into this house we made a rule that said no glass in the pool area, which means that all drinks have to be tinnies. Imagine my joy then when I found Bundaberg Crisp at my local bottleo.

This will easily be my new summertime pool drink! It ticks all the boxes:

  • Refreshing
  • Wet, and bubbly with a good alcohol content
  • In tins, and
  • Very, very drinkable.

Now anyone who knows me will tell you that Bundy and I have a “love hate relationship”. I love to drink it and it loves to make me hate everyone, but I found none of that with the Bundaberg Crisp.

It is an exceptionally dry and crisp blend of double-distilled, oak-aged Bundaberg Rum, soda and lime. Superb! I tried the first straight from the tin and the next one in a large glass of ice and found that over ice was the way to drink it.  It doesn’t have an overpowering rum taste, it’s there but not in an “in your face” way.

In fact I think this will be perfect drink to share around the pool. A couple of tins of the Bundaberg Crisp, a couple of large jugs filled with ice and your well on the way to enjoying the perfect summer drink. An acquaintance referred to it as an Aussie bloke’s version of the gin and tonic! And to really top things off, it’s the only low carb drink I’ve tried, ever, that doesn’t taste like a poor imitation.

Bundaberg Crisp is a limited edition product for the summer period available until stocks run out, and has a RRP of $21.99. The unbreakable, summertime-fun, pool ready tin though it is only from independent bottleshops,

I’m heading out right now to grab some more for the Christmas break…….if I manage to keep them that long.

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