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I haven’t tried a Bundaberg Rum product in about a decade; I stopped drinking it when I worked out that I had a love/hate relationship with it.  I loved drinking the stuff and it loved making me hate everyone.

You see everyone I know falls into one of two categories when drinking rum: you’re either a lover, or a fighter…and I can tell you that I don’t look like George Clooney…then again I’m no Mohammed Ali either.

Bundaberg Rum was first distilled way back in 1888, and the product that rolls off the line today still follows the same process as it did back then. During the last 100 odd years their rum has become one of the most preferred spirit brands in Australia, so much so that during the Boer War the company sent their entire production as rations for the Australian troops serving in South Africa. So ever willing to push myself for the sake of the readers, I jumped back onto the Bundy warhorse again when I saw that Bundy has released a twin pack of the Bundaberg Rum and Bundaberg Rum Royal Liqueur. This is a rare and unique opportunity to try the Royal Liqueur as it is ordinarily it is only sold at the distillery – it can’t be bought anywhere else in the world.

Royal Liqueur Rum has been developed by their master distillers, a mixture of coffee, chocolate, caramel and vanilla, and of course Bundaberg Rum. I tried this straight, and then on ice, and found it to be a great drop, proceeding to have several more in quick succession. It’s a dark, intense liquid with a concentrated aroma of rum and coffee, nearly everyone who tried this loved the excellent blending work done by the distillers.

That’s right “nearly everyone”, I was very surprised to see my mate’s daughters, all below 22 years old, did not enjoy this at all, but their boyfriends did. Surprising to say the least as I would have thought that the rich caramel sugary-ness and chocolate that comes through in the liqueur would have been perfect for the female palate that is more used to drinking sweet premixed drinks, so it may not be the perfect drop for the younger female crowd. I can say that this little beauty made watching the Queensland Reds get up to their fifth place finish in the Super Fourteens all that more enjoyable.

It is ideal to enjoy as a traditional liqueur after dinner, or added to coffee, served with creams or try on the rocks. But a word of warning, the twin pack production is only limited to 10,000 cases. The RRP for the twin pack is $70, again this is for both bottles so it’s not too bad on the wallet if you’re a spirit drinker, and is only available at independent bottleshops.

And don’t think that just because it’s only 20% alcohol it won’t rock your world.

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