Heggies Vineyard Riesling

Riesling White Wine Wine

“There’s no beer left”. It was a movie moment. You know one of those scenes when there’s an explosion or  something happens and there is no sound just the actor’s hard breathing, and then slowly all the sound rushes back to them? It was like that, I heard the words but I didn’t believe them….“There’s no beer left!”

Probably the most dreaded sentence a man can hear, closely followed by “I’m late” and “Where is this relationship going”.

For a while all I could hear was my hard breathing, and then slowly sound returned, and I became aware of the conversation around me. ” What the..! Who’s going for the beer run?” It was then that I made a suggestion “I’ll open a wine if someone goes and gets beer”. It was an innocent enough suggestion, no harm meant. But it was after I had grabbed a bottle of Heggies Riesling that I found out not a lot of blokes like Riesling. It was simple enough to work out by the look on the blokes’ faces and a few of their remarks (most of which can’t be repeated here). However when I pushed I found out that none had tried Heggies Riesling before.  After a try, they were hooked, let me explain why.

The Heggies Riesling is a strong example of South Australia’s Eden Valley Rieslings. This particular 2017 Riesling has taken a few awards, along with its sibling the Botrytis Riesling, and you have enough change from a $20 to grab a couple or sushi rolls on the way home.

Citrus blossom and lemongrass,in the glass, faint white frangipani possibly? The palate has a bit of crispness and that citrus which flows through to a zippy and lively taste on your tongue especially zesty on the back of the palate and finishes nicely with mineral acidity. The light straw green colour hides what you are going to taste and it will surprise. If you can put the time in you can find Heggies Riesling on the net for bargain prices. We managed to grab a few six-pack cartons, sharing between mates, at $13 bottle DELIVERED. I strongly recommend shopping around for a good price on this if you are going to buy more than just enough for dinner.  It will cellar well for the next few years but its more of a drink now option.

If you were looking for an easy drinking wine that will also impress, it would be hard to go past this.  Plus it’s a screw cap so no need to look for openers when the beer runs out! Try it with Asian foods, salads or seafood that is coming straight of the barbeque, or better yet Sunday lunch impressing the girlfriend’s friends with your uncanny ability to cook and pick a great white.

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