Australia Day 2014, Music and beer

The beer industry is in a funny sort of spot lately. The average consumption of beer is decreasing, but yet the growth in craft beer has never been more active than it is now. There has been more craft breweries pop up over the course of the last few years than there are pimples on a teenage school boy. One of my mates recently said it was kind of like the music scene during the late 70’s and earl...

Sail and Anchor Devil Dodger

I generally try not to write up drinks that I don’t enjoy, or can’t rate that highly. Simply because people want to read about good drinks, and what new drinks out there that are worth laying down your hard earned cash on. Often when I find a drink I don’t like I make sure I have as many people try it with me because I know I can be a bit of a tosser when it comes to this stuff. I realise that I l...

Blue Sky Brewery Packaged and Keg Beers

It’s funny how sometimes you over look things that are in your own backyard. I’m a bit of a shocker for it really. I can tell you that I’ve visited some of the great cities of the world, marvelled at the Sistine Chapel, spent time on the canals of Venice, and lived out of a mates flat in London. But I’ve never been to Ayers Rock, I’ve never been to Broome, I’m yet to see some of the most magnifice...

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