Take Away Foods and drink matching

Wondering what to match with your take away food whilst all this madness is happeniig?

Winter Warmers

Shorter daylight hours, needing to put socks on while I’m home, and even looking at getting old footy guernseys out for warmth….it all means that the Bledisloe is just around the corner! It also means that I can start trying to convince you to start cracking those bigger, fuller tasting beers. You know the ones I mean, the ones that you pour into a glass, and enjoy while out on your patio wi...

Breakfast Beers?

I was at Champagne Breakfast function recently and was looked down on for ordering a beer. I’ve never claimed to be fashionable , and often consider myself to be somewhat  outside of normal social traditions. But I can’t work out for the life of me why it is that beer at breakfast is seen as unacceptable when Champers, some spirits (Gin for example), or cocktails (Bloody Marys) are? When I started...

Tooheys New White Stag

What does Harry Potter and Tooheys New White Stag have in common? Well nothing so I thought, but the teenage girls across the road inform me that ol’ Harry has a big white stag that can come flying out of his wand, a patrician or something I wasn’t really listening as the footy was on. And what does this have to do with beer I hear you ask? Well nothing really, and that’s what I normally think abo...

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