XXXX Summer Bright Lager


Gee, the big boys of brewing must spend some money on marketing research. Working out when to release a beer, how to market it, what to make it look like and so on. The team at XXXX for example couldn’t have got their new low carb release “XXXX Summer Bright Lager” any more spot on for timing and appearance…  perhaps they should have spent the same amount on creating a better taste though.

The “Summer Bright Lager” is interesting in that its taste isn’t like some of the other low carb beers out there that are chalky in the mouth with a watery beer taste. This probably sits more alongside some of the Mexican beers for taste. And either by chance or by that clever marketing, the bottle looks a lot like a Mexican beer too. It doesn’t sit heavy in the stomach, and comes in at 4.2%.  It’s not a particularly strong flavoured beer nor does it have a strong aroma, which will probably make it attractive to drinkers who aren’t after a “beer” tasting beer.

I shouldn’t be too critical of the low carb beers on the market. They seem to be becoming more popular, there is a fast growing market for these type of beers that are not heavy in the stomach, or on the waist and yet are clean in the mouth, but I really struggle with most of the “non beer-gut” drops. I tried a couple of six packs with some fellow “Amber Analysts” and we all struggled with this Drop.

So after a lot of soul searching and bewildered scratching of heads, here’s what we decided: Marketing boffins have realised that men want a woman who looks like a supermodel but yet is just “one of the boys”. The marketing gurus then realise that they should market a beer that would appeal to a non-beer drinking palate that helps to appear blokey, and do “one of the boys” type things, like drinking beer on the beach in summer, and beer avoids the alco-pop taxes so it’s a little easier on the pocket too.

And thus “Summer Bright Lager” is born……a beer made by boffins, to be enjoyed by non-beer drinkers.

“Summer Bright Lager” didn’t really live up to what I thought it could be. And maybe that’s where I went wrong, maybe I expected too much, but I was hard pressed to have more than the one stubby.

Probably because, and I feel slightly ashamed admitting this, I couldn’t even finish the first one.

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