The Killer Pinot Grigio laced with Dreams and Talladega Nights

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killer-pinot-grigioI often sit around at night, pondering the big questions of our times. And this week while arguing my points on the biggest question of my generation, was Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth the better lead singer of Van Halen, I got to try this week’s Drop, The Killer Pinot Grigio 2007.

The Killer Pinot Grigio” is the first in a series of wines that will bear the Killer label.

The 12%, 2007 vintage is an import from Veneto, Italy by the Chaffey Bros. Wine Company who have played roles in the past in pioneering new regions in Australia and establishing labels such as Mildara and Seaview. The Killer has a very pale, melted lemon sorbet colour, with light floral aromas. The taste is all roof of the mouth, front tongue stuff, no zing, no minerally sparkle on the back palate, which you could normally expect. There is a slight citrus taste as it goes down but no lingering aftertaste that makes you want for more. It’s approachable enough and won’t offend anybody, but it’s not something I’m going to have at home. I walked away thinking I‘d get more taste from a glass of mineral water with a slice of lemon in it.

Disappointed? A little, I expected more.

That’s when I picked up the bottle, reread the label and came across this line “…is racy yet restrained and will titillate your senses”. Well guys, if that’s what you call racy, then I’m Ricky Bobby, this is Talladega Nights and my senses had all the titillation that they can handle, thank you very much.

The Killer is sold exclusively at Dan Murphy’s for a RRP of $14.95. However I’d strongly suggest looking around inside Dan Murphy’s further for something that’s more agreeable. For example, an extra 25c will get a Barwang Tumbarumba Chardonnay (91pts) which not only out punches The Killer, but will do some Balmain folk dancing on it at the same time; an extra $2 will get you the Brands Liara Chardonnay (92pts) which again, is a much better drop.  I’m positive on the prices; I’m looking at my June 2009 Dan Murphy’s receipt as I write.

I do have to admit though, the Killer does have one of the funkiest labels on the market, and that alone, will see it move enough bottles off the shelves to keep the Chaffey Bros. importing it. I’m going to give it 1.5 out of 5, it’s wet and has an alcohol content.

And for those that are still reading, Sammy Hagar gets my vote, “OU812” was one of Van Halen’s best albums……..

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